President's Message

Lorraine Benavides

The comback is always stronger than the setback.

Dear CCA Members:

If you could see grief on a map of California, there would be rings of anguish radiating throughout our entire state. From Northern California to Southern California, the devastation and loss of lives caused by the fires and floods have expanded with each person affected to the people they’re connected with in all parts of our great state. No California County has remained untouched by the events of 2017, nor the beginning of 2018. The magnitude of the suffering in our great state of California over the past few months is unfathomable to those who lost their homes, businesses, and more importantly, their loved ones. The past 6 months have been a period of mourning for so many Californians, but it has also shown how strong California stands in times of tragedy.

If you are like me, you probably ask yourself if there really is any silver lining in this tragedy. The answer is “yes”. There are thousands of “silver lining” stories about entire communities coming together to help each other. The past 6 months have been a period of mourning for so many, but have also shown how strong Cali-fornia stands in times of tragedy. One underlying theme of this tragedy is the use of technology. You may have read about how Ventura agreed to host the Santa Barbara Court employees who were unable to get to work due to the 101 freeway closure during the Santa Barbara County/Montecito mudslides and flooding. The article is named “Justice Knows No Boundaries” that was featured in the January 23, 2018 issue of Judi-cial Council News. For those of you who may not have seen it, we are rerunning the article on pages 10-11. This is just one small, yet big, example of how our court communities came together in the best of ways – not only for our communities, but also for the benefit of the mission of all California Superior Courts.

Lorraine Benavides
CCA President, 2017-2018


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