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Lorraine Benavides

The comback is always stronger than the setback.

Dear CCA Members:

As your President of CCA the 2017-2018 year, I have good reason to express my heartfelt thanks to the Executive Board, ARC Business Team, Directors, Committee Members, trainers, volunteers, sponsors, and general membership of CCA. We have accomplished much together in this last year, and it really did fly by. To name a few of the accomplishments:

  • We made many improvements to the CCA website, making it easier for our members to keep track of our events, pay online, and receive e-updates.
  • As part of re-branding, we created a new and vibrant CCA logo, flyers and multi-media marketing tools.
  • We have made many improvements on the way CCA communicates and serves its members
  • Together, we hosted four CCA training events and our amazing 65th Annual CCA Convention in Orange County.
  • We established a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, and we will launch the CCA LinkedIn and Instagram in the near future.
  • Developed on-line training videos.

Special thanks to all members, officers and friends of CCA for the opportunity to serve an organization that deserves to grow and prosper.

Lorraine Benavides
CCA President, 2017-2018

"Make your mark on the world and leave a legacy worth aspiring to".


The California Court Association is dedicated to provide a forum for education & best practices in the development of court professionals

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As your President of CCA the 2017-2018 year, I have good reason to…